Hey there. I'm ULYSS. Let's travel.
06. Feb, 2017

What is ULYSS. 

ULYSS the Travel Decision-Maker is a free app that helps anyone from daydreamers and aspiring travelers to seasoned globetrotters find the best travel destinations and activities depending on their individual preferences.


Instead of buying a bunch of expensive tourism books, ULYSS uses a complex A.I. algorithm that takes your responses to 12 questions (ex. How far are you willing to travel, how long are you going for, do you want to be close to the coast, are you adventurous, etc), and the proceeds to give you a travel type and matches you with the Top 5 destinations that meet your chosen criteria. 


How it works.

Let's take 'Bob' for example. He lives in Munich and wants a quick getaway for the weekend in the middle of February, doesn't mind traveling for a few hours, has a few bucks in his wallet, wants to see the coast and maybe a few tourist sights while he's away. According to ULYSS, Bob is a minimalist and his Top 5 picks for his weekend getaway are Tirana, Capri, Dubrovnik, The Hague and Sardinia. But wait a sec, Bob just found out he's getting a bonus at work and a few extra holiday days, he can go back to ULYSS, change his preferences and plan a new trip. 


That's the beauty of ULYSS, there are endless possibilities and combinations. It takes a couple of minutes and you're provided with great travel destinations and can go on to book your flight, accommodations and activities from there. 


Exploring what the world has to offer and making decisions has never been this fun! 


Why use it. 

The whole idea behind ULYSS was to solve that all too frequent problem of not being able to decide where to go. The world is a big and beautiful place but it's easy to get caught up in everyday life and forget about the magnificent planet we call home. Travel has been proven to be one of the healthiest activities out there as it pushes us out our comfort zones, introduces us to new people and ideas, and provides a wealth of unforgettable memories.


ULYSS is great for daydreamers and serious planners alike. Whether it's taking a few minutes during your morning commute to get some inspiration for your vacation days next week, or sitting down with the family to come up with ideas for next year's summer holiday, ULYSS makes the whole process efficient and enjoyable. 


Who can use it. 

Simple: everyone. Even if you're not planning on going on a trip, it's fun to just play around with the app and explore. If you are intent on making travel plans, the first question ULYSS asks you is whether your traveling alone, with your significant other, or with your family. It takes your current destination to plan your potential travel destinations, and based on how far and how long your willing to go, provides you with great trips.


For instance, 'Susan' who lives in New York has a week off work and has been saving up for a little while. She's a little fed up with the winter and is looking for some serious sun and beach time. Looks like Havana, Barbados, Cozumel Islands, Maracaibo or Kingstown are for her. 

The aim of ULYSS is to connect people with places, all the while making the process of decision making fun and exciting. 


Try it out. 

ULYSS is available for FREE on the App Store. Click here to test it out for yourself.


Just have some fun exploring and playing around. We'd love to hear what you think of the app. Share your thoughts and your Top 5 picks with us.


It's about time for an adventure!



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